Company Establishment & Trademark Patent

During the company establishment process, all stages are managed on your behalf by our professional team. We will take the necessary steps for you to establish your company in the USA and complete the process quickly. In this process, we will help you get the EIN (Employer Identification Number) required for businesses operating in the United States. An EIN number helps your business align with the American tax system.

After establishing your company, we work diligently to deliver all official documents to you digitally. In this way, you can easily access all documents related to your business and use them when necessary. Completion of transactions usually takes place in as little as one month.

Then, our professional consultants manage the steps required for the trademark application and ensure that the application is made correctly and completely. A trademark patent helps you create a unique identity by protecting your business name, logo and other brand elements. This increases the competitiveness of your business and protects your intellectual property.

Thanks to the company establishment and brand patenting service we offer, you can reliably establish your business in the USA, protect your brand and build the system on solid foundations. Our professional team stands by you with their expert knowledge and experience and facilitates the whole process.

Contact us now and discover how we can assist you with business establishment and trademark patenting in the United States!