It’s time to think big and global! Today, millions of buyers flock to global e-commerce marketplaces and these channels create crucial opportunities to test opportunities in international markets and be a part of it. With the expansion of the e-commerce market, there are more options for brands that want to place their brand in the global arena, have new sales channels, and increase company profits.

As Ecommezzo, we use the power and influence of marketplaces to bring brands together with this idea and to open a door for them in the global market.

Considering that brands will remain like a grain of sand in this wide ocean, we develop certain strategies and work with the most important market places so that they do not get lost and stand out.

Among these important e-commerce marketplaces, Europe’s largest online shopping sites,,,, CDON, Blokker, Cdiscount, Creoate, Ebay, Kaufland, V&D, Zalando, Walmart, Wish, Aeropost, Etsy, Amazon in the USA.

The Power of E-Commerce

What kind of advantages do brands have by taking place in the market places?

  • You can increase sales by taking place in marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay.
  • Improve Amazon listings with original and detailed product photos that increase the conversion rate.
  • It can increase its market share thanks to the improvement in search results.
  • Increase awareness by promoting new products.
  • You can get ahead of your competitors by positioning with similar products.

Content Optimization

With content optimization and special photo shoots made by SEO editors and digital marketing experts, your product lists will get better results than competing products.

Bringing products to the service of customers through a single center by receiving products and stocks in bulk via XML link and pulling them to logistics centers

Personal Account Management

Together with brand managers working as your business partner, allow specific plans for each of your brands and product groups and creative listings that will raise them in the search results.


Selected Brands database is supported in all online projects with updated information.